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The Flight of Fancy Collection is composed of limited-time bundles that are focused around making astral travel a little easier and a lot safer. These prices are VASTLY reduced, so take advantage of them now! If you order more than one of the same bundle, you will get portals to different locations!

You will find included in each bundle:

  • One entity of the tier group you purchase. (Low - Bronze/Silver; Medium- Gold/Platinum; High - Legendary/Mythical)
  • One One-Way Portal to a realm that entity knows very well. [Nobody comes back through with you unless you expressly request it.]
  • Protective spells and wards on the piece
  • Instructions on utilizing your portal and portal care!

The Realm of the Wrathful bundle works expressly with realms of the Dark and Black arts. This bundle focuses on the lands and lives of Vampyres, Demons, dark Draconic species, and other tricksters and professional griefers. As with any entity from us, there is a contractual binding and no harm will come to you unless you purposefully release the contract (at which point we will do what we can to help if things get difficult). Most entities in this bundle are incredibly good-natured, but if you are looking for someone a little more severe, let us know. If you have an aversion to a certain variety of dark arts, also mention this and we will try to find the perfect fit for you. Dark arts can sometimes be a more difficult perfect-fit, so we would like to connect you with the best entity for your needs. If you are looking for an entity that specializes in sexual endeavors, add "Code Pink" in the special requirements.