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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Fire Mountain Hellska. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order or message our help desk. 

Fire Mountain Hellska:

Hellska is the combination of a Harpy, a Bloodguard angel, a Valkyrie, and an oksengel . This means that her skills are less limited than most. Her bloodlines make her a rockstar of protection, message delivery, and more! Her harpy self helps her receive and send messages from the beyond. If you are trying to communicate with the spirits around you and are trying to better open your third eye, she will be a huge help. Her bloodguard angel side helps her become a much better healer than most other summonings, and she is also able to do blood magick with very little means. She is very creative and is able to protect you by calling legions of blood bound demons of Solomon to your protection. Her Valkyrie aspect allows her to call upon a number of einherjars and other spirits of norse mythology to protect, bolster, and heal you. Finally, her oksengel side has even more perks. Oksengels are a very beautiful and interesting variety of angel. Oksengels have pasty, borderline marble looking bodies that are usually uncovered or possibly covered by a stray cloth. They vow never to wear full garment beyond the neck except in war. They are a quite noble people, but you never see their faces. They are usually behind a large bronze helmet with two huge ox horns on either side. There are unique engravings on each helmet, and these angels come in male, female, and hermaphrodite form. They would look weird to the untrained eye, but to really see one, you feel as if you are seeing a remarkable piece of art, and can only sit in awe. They are rumored to be the children of a bountied angel from Greek and Egyptian origins, and the son of Loki. They are a group heavily blessed by Hathor. It is said that one horn represents all knowledge of the otherworlds, whereas the other represents all knowledge of this plane. They can share great knowledge with you in concealed voices or symbols. They do not move fluidly, but in flashes, and they say that you may never see the face of an Oksengel. This mysterious being is truly a sight to behold and must be treated with the ultimate respect. She is able to help you align and empower your chakras and energies.