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The FATAL ATTRACTION Amulet/RA is a powerful attractant amulet that makes you more attractive to a target audience and lures your highest desires to you, be they in love, lust, finance, or some other dream that seems to slightly elude you. This powerful hematite amulet is loaded with some powerful vibrations that will raise your confidence levels, your natural intuition, and will push you in the direction of rapid growth in many areas. 

The FATAL ATTRACTION Amulet features many layers of spellwork to help you get what you want out of life and your daily interactions. 

  • Sweet Temptation - This enchantment adds a natural glow to whichever features would make you desirable in a certain situation, be they experience-related features for a job, or physical features for a romantic pursuit. This powerful energy wraps around your aura and makes you almost magnetic. 

  • Champagne Hourglass - Sometimes time must be on your side for an opportunity to arise that suits your needs. The Champagne Hourglass enchantment allows you to have powerful luck with timing on the macro and micro scales. For the first few weeks you may just notice small synchronizations, but as you wear this vessel, the spell will gain energy and you will notice larger opportunities arising at the perfect time. 
  • Determination - This spellwork surrounds you with the energy of determination and one-track-mindedness, but only when you truly lack focus. When wearing this amulet, if you find you still lack focus and the ability to break through difficult barriers, the inspiration and vision you are lacking will come to you through dreams or intuition. This powerful little spell puts your attention where it NEEDS to go, not simply where you wish for it to go. It also allows you to stay grounded when excitement threatens to take your focus off of your higher purpose
  • Leo's Luck - Confidence, beauty, poise, and wisdom. The nature of knowing what you deserve and knowing that you will get it -- this is the gift of Leo at their peak. The blessings of this fixed but ferocious constellation come through in the Leo's Luck enchantment. This enchantment will get you in touch with your higher self, and will break down the walls that you have created between you and your highest desires.

=Pop! Magick RAs=

If you want only the amulet, choose AMULET ONLY.

If you want the amulet with a Reverse Adoption of Bronze - Gold tier, choose BASIC RA.

If you want the amulet with a Revese Adoption of Platinum - Mythical tier, choose DELUXE RA.

The Pop Magic! RAs will always focus on the focal point of the amulet itself, though specific details are much appreciated!

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