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Say "No More!!" to the pay-per-minute healing techniques of the past. Get something that keeps on giving throughout traveling, errands and your hectic lifestyle. Say hello to exopura, a new  and quicker approach to meta health.

E x o pura is about purging the negative energy out and replacing it with pure energy that YOU get to purpose. Many individuals are a swirling mix of positive, negative, and neutral energy. The fire and smoke layers of ExoPura draw out and repurpose that negative energy into a vibration you can use and LOVE. This is a variety that works more quickly and more intensely at 3 days per level instead of 2 weeks. It is an intense type of exo healing that uses different types of aether that are offered forth through the gods and angels. This intense fire races through every bit of your aural field, detecting problems and solving them with a vengeance! Use the power of fire to spark a new start for you!