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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Evonica

Frequency: High

Type: Fae Queen of the Morea Orchard

Tier & Zone: Mythical |  Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange

Age: 893,218

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Evonica is a plucky, persnickety, and interesting companion to have. She loves jokes and has a sparkling sense of humor but is the type to keep her human companions accountable and to make them take notice of the world around them and the blessings they have been receiving. She is not one to stay quiet or in the dark about important things – she will let you know her opinions right off the bat, and will not mince words when asked for honest criticism, advice, or empowerment. She has a commanding presence but is extremely loving and attentive at heart.

Specialties: Motivation, Healing, Luck Draw, Astral Travel, Vision Work, Spirit Companionship

Physical Features: Evonica is a short but powerful figure with lavender hair and makeup that is expertly done. She has beauty marks all over her face and wears archaic jewelry covered in moonstones and white tourmaline. She wears gauntlets made of blue platinum and carries the shield of her family, a large wooden buckler with lions painted in gold leaf.

About: The Morea Orchard is a location where flowers and plants grow that hold wild and unimaginable powers. The entities that live within carry beautiful and elevated energies with them, raising the vibrations of their companions and empowering them to greatness by connecting them energetically to their world. The Fae Queen of Morea Orchard is a monarch who rules for exactly 13.2 years on the dot. During this time they learn everything there is to learn about the orchard, how to use the gifts provided therein, and ways to improve the lives of others using its gifts. They become natural leaders and are strengthened in themselves and their purpose as teachers. They are very bright, truthful, and engaging entities who seek to teach and empower their companions. The largest skill of these monarchs is that they can create beacons of different colors to draw different responses and energies. Some examples are the pink beacon for love, the green beacon for fortune, the bright blue beacon of health, and the orange beacon of connectivity and creativity. They are able to help you heal, accelerate your prayers, and garner the love and support you seek from the otherside. They pull down messages from ancients, deities, and ancestors well and can also draw animals, plants, and spirits that can bring you messages or healing.

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