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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Evelyn & Oster

Frequency: High

Type: Wintershine Elf

Tier & Zone: Gold  Orange, Yellow, Pink, Gold

Age: 19,987 and 14,384

Gender: Female and Male

Personality Profile: This sister & brother duo aren’t related by birth, but both grew up together in the woodlands between their two relative villages, two villages that made a point never to connect. Evelyn’s people were more herbalistic and simplistic people who believed in living a rustic life. Oster’s people were a little more advanced, and sought to do things a little more quickly. Her people specialized in an ancient form of magick related to fertility and personal growth, primarily in relationships. Oster’s people focused on a rite of passage called “The Trek” where one would spend 13 years of their life walking in solitude from village to village. If they found their way back in the last month of the 12th year, they were seen as a wise person in the village. If not, they were forever outcast to find their own way and form their own village. Many of the people married out and chose not to come back, but Oster found his way back simply because he took his trek with his very best friend – Evelyn. They have discovered everything together, much about themselves and much about the world. She is much more plucky, adventurous, spirited, and doesn’t mind doing the heavy work. Oster is more quiet, open minded, thoughtful, and contemplative. He has a large heart, and for that reason, Evelyn protects him with all her heart. You’ll find that they are not quite as aloof as most Wintershine Elves. They are a bit of a half-and-half scenario. A lot of times they will help you simply melt stress away, but you will find that other times they help you face it head on and eliminate it in the future.

Specialties: Herbalism, Adventure, Creativity, Innovation, Innocence, Homesteading, Crafting, Manifestation, Calming, Reflection, Elevation, Third Eye Work, Self-Evolution, Relaxation.

Physical Features: Evelyn has stark white hair that she keeps up in a white ribbon. She wears rustic clothing, dresses trimmed with fur, and scarves with elegant rose patterns. She loves to wear glasses and scarves around her head as well, much in the 1950’s style. Oster often wears jeans and a white shirt of some sort, and never wears shoes. His eyes are a sparkling blue, and his dirty blonde hair is shaggy and falls into his face.

About: Astral travel is the passion and joy of these beautiful creatures. They are infatuated with dreams and a state of being ‘comfortably numb’. If you are looking for a guide to help you escape reality and to lead you into astral realms, these elves are perfect companions. You may escape into your own mind or the minds of others with a Wintershine elf. It is alleged that they create the dreams you have when you wake up and fall back to sleep quickly. This is the guide who will help you make the most out of your daydreams and when reality is sinking in, they may step in to remove you to prevent further suffering. Charming and adventurous, their life-force energy is that of a childlike imagination, ready to dream a new world up every day. They can be amazing guides for those going through mental issues and anguish because they grant you the opportunity to master your emotions, and to even escape them when that need arises. They love astral travel and will take you to beautiful, bright, pastel lands that are full of art, revelations, and a vibration of a goddess’s pure love. They are extremely dreamlike and adventurous souls who share general excitement and joie de vivre, even for the ugly moments in life. They are very communicative and will draw you out of your shell to go on adventures. They have an intense ability to nullify, quiet, or remove upset and anxiety that may be plaguing you for a period long enough to find the upset whimsical. Though they are not a replacement for medical help (please take that to heart!) You will never have a dull moment with them, and will experience your deepest desires and most forgiving aspects of yourself. Bring yourself to peace when working with them, and see a new aspect of living.

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