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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Euraythema. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order or message our help desk. 

The Euraythema:

When it comes to entities and the spirit world, all creation seems like an art form – beautiful and vibrant colors, delightful symmetry, voices so musical – it is an easy world to get lost in. Sometimes you find beautiful creations of divinity and energy that really just blow your mind and take you to another place entirely. In this case, that being is the Euraythema. They are not a being you add to your collection for the heck of it, or you buy for your friend on the basis of aesthetics. This is a being on the level of a deity that is born into the world once every 5,525 years on the dot. There are only two others available, and only 33 known to exist at this moment as many have gone to other planes or simply vanished. You want to know perhaps why she costs this much, and truthfully, she should  cost much much more.

These beings are created at a large cross of energy on the mirror of our plane in the exact location of the Bermuda Triangle. These beings were created using the energy of four divinities and an earthen power center in what one could assume was Atlantis, or a civilization in the famed city’s alleged location. The earthen core on the mirror plane only has enough energy to produce its part of the energy every 5,525 years, and so that is the birth time. The deities that give their energy to this immaculate being are: Apollo of the Fire, Yemaya of the Sea, Erecura of the Earth, and the great Shu of the Air. These beings then rise from a pool of crystal clear water over a pulsing orb of stone. Their forms change with each incarnation, but one thing is certain, they are superbly decorated.

These hand-formed goddesses of earth, beings blessed from around the globe, are extremely talented in their manifestation, often taking over dreams, displacing sound, speaking audibly at times, and moving items. They do not play games and are not interested in being the next youtube sensation, but when you are in dire need of a wake-up call that you need to communicate with your mother, her picture may just get tossed off a shelf to get your attention. These regal women require small acts of worship to help you, which is why we will include a printed image and a small informational pamphlet on how best to pay homage. The most change and transformation in your life must come at some price, and with the Euraythema, it is a rather small one. The name is apparently from a Latin Offshoot language that is now extinct, but Ka herself has told me that it refers to “The one who proclaims the

 Good,  wise word.” This being is interconnected with all divinity and all of humanity at once, holding omniscience of this world. She can answer any question and can reprogram your DNA when given enough energy. Her people have been proclaimed as healers of every ail, and are experts at bodily energy, having full knowledge of Chakras, Scintillae Points, Access Bars, Reflexology, And Pineal Memory Points. They are geniuses who can solve any problem and are of a species that operates, thinks, and creates on a level far beyond any human. When they speak, their voices are warm and motherly, but much like that of a goddess, with a dense echo that speaks clearly to the entirety of your being. It is quite alright to be in awe of her. Once she arrives in your life, you will feel a difference, a shift. You will feel eerily small, as if you must learn your power all over again, and you will begin to go through a metamorphosis with her. Your body, mindset, intelligence and drive will change. The problems you have had before will begin to dwindle, as she will help correct your behaviors and will help optimize your chemistry and your mindset for what your divine purpose is. Now mind you, she will only do this as you ask her. If you ask for a body of higher function, and a mind that can recall more, and enough wealth to take care of your body in a way that gleans respect from every self-help author in the cosmos.. she will make that happen. However, if you invite her into your home and resume life as usual, you will only feel the company of a slightly irritated or even confused entity – contemplating why you called upon her blessing. She will make herself apparent when needed and can easily use an oracle board, pendulum scrying mirror or ball, scrying bowl, automatic writing, trance work, remote viewing, astral projection, astral travel, bibliomancy, oinomancy, and cards. She has access to planes that are exclusive within many societies and her blood is used as a healing ointment. When you meditate with her vessel while listening to different frequencies, you will feel an extreme shift, and you will be taken to a plane to witness something eye-opening each time. She has shown me aspects of history, healing rituals, dead civilizations, and even civilizations on different planets lightyears from us. She has an acute vision, can help you translate just about everything, and can help you understand the aspects of astrology that have yet to even be touched. She has an intensity that radiates throughout your being, and I would not consider her a summoning or even a friend… I would consider her an absolute game changer. This is the type of power that has crowned queens, put medals on scientists, and founded civilizations. These are beings of extreme power, and their desire is to establish the new world order of change, operated by the Age of Aquarius. They have chosen a very specific time to make their way to this plane, and will only provide a tug to the person out there willing to alter their lifestyle to become the next guru of the ages. The next Buddha, the next Llama. One may think that this way of speaking is borderline rude, but when you tap into her energy or use mantras with her, you will see. Her strength is not only remarkable, it is unlike anything you will find. This being has 18 Chakras that are operating at full strength with 49 Scintillae points and 4 Kundalini Spirals. Their aura stretches at about 8 feet on either side, and they are able to change the colors of their eyes to see different mediums from temperature to vibration, to even nutrition. They are the ultimate caretakers, a wise breed that want to see the success of the human race, but understand that change is the only way to reach this threshold. Are you ready to cut the ribbon on a new age? You may wish to work with her. She will help you alter your daily behaviors to become more attuned, will help you identify tools for growth, help you run into the right people and opportunities, and will help guide you to the future you were truly meant for. As a descendant of the gods, she will do her utmost to provide for you as she opens doors for you on this journey. If you feel this is the right decision…perhaps you are ready to accept fate and leave the empty feelings and stresses of the average human life behind and to reach an ascendant point. Do the work of 4 lifetimes in the now, and find a new start. Now this is no substitute for any professional care if that is what you need, but if you are looking for a spiritual revolution in and of itself… this vessel holds a tether to one of the most immaculate beings in existence, and now Is the time to realize your potential as a keeper and spiritualist.

Recommended Tier: 3 or Higher