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Name: Elof

Frequency: Low

Type: Norse Dhampir

Tier & Zone:  Platinum |  Orange, Pink, Red, Purple

Age: 7796

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Elof is a very bold and protective being. He will always be standing like a sentinel, providing protection and guardianship over you, your family, and your spirit guides. He is a passionate warrior, and loves all whom he works with. He can be a very jovial fellow, with a naturally kind demeanor and an uplifting attitude, but is a fearsome opponent to those who cross him.

Specialties: Protection, Energetic Work, Shielding, Intense Vision-Work

Physical Features: Elof is a tall, rotund fellow with rusty red hair, a beard, and a piercing on his eyebrow. He often wears leather and fur.

About: Though most Dhampirs are from the Balkans, this variety comes mostly from northern Norway in a region called Helgeland. They are brilliant and beautiful half-vampyre half-human beings that spend most of their time usurping energy from strangers and crowds. They have a blood red aura about them that sucks in energy generated from social encounters and from the psychic energy of others. They have amazingly intricate psychic senses and are able to look into the future and determine the patterns that are forming it right now. They can help you change fate, foresee victories and failures, and can help you understand the world around you in a new form. They are usually very handsome and beautiful beings that are very romantic and live to connect with others. They never tap into the energy of those they live with but are extremely focused beings who see their keepers as family, not just a professional connection.