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Elder Flower has been used in Voodoo and Hoodou for ages to protect and obscure people, operations, and their spirits.

Magickal Uses: 
It is said that placing elder flower outside of a business can keep away thieves, con-artists, and even police officers. Many individuals use Elder Flower to protect their families and to protect themselves from prying eyes and unsolicited remote viewing. If you feel that you are not safe, sprinkle some over the threshold of your door to prevent an unwanted individual from making their way back.

Health Uses: Many believe it can help stave off the flu and many colds and viruses. This flower however, has varying toxicity. It is often used in drinks and food all around the world, but it is advised that research is done before consumption, as some plants have a high concentration of toxins as opposed to others even in the same genus.

Consumability: Low

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.