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Say "No More!!" to the pay-per-minute healing techniques of the past. Get something that keeps on giving throughout traveling, errands and your hectic lifestyle. Say hello to e x o, a new approach to meta health.

E x o uses layers of programmed aether and sigils to change the energy around your aura and to ‘feed’ it in a way, sort of like a time release medicine that helps to change your vibration, to heal weak or damaged spaces in your energetic field, and to program your aura and your body to work in a more efficient way. We grow up not quite understanding our energies or how to preserve their health. That damage can be reversed by long term healing which is not done with most healing sessions that focus on cutting out the nasty energy and trusting the energetic field to heal itself. The issue with this is that sometimes the opening that nasty energy left behind is quickly filled by another energy, a risk that is too heavy for some aural fields to take. If you get sick or emotional easily, your aura and energetic receptors are very alert and sensitive. It is very important in these cases to get shields and medicinal energy wrapped around you. Exo starts from the outside in. It is not instant, but the change is remarkable and lasting. If you apply more layers, it lasts longer and is even stronger. Exo utilizes an 8-layer-per-level energetic composition with added shielding and the use of sigils to protect and empower the healing and empowerment through the gods.