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Experience Euphoria!

EUPHORIA is an RA and Amulet combination that works toward accomplishing one goal, and doing so with vigor and intensity. This is a combination of spell and RA that will bring you a specialist companion and a spellwork to boost their skills so that you can accomplish the goals you want most in life.  These entities are interested in helping for the long haul as your further yourself in the chosen avenue, and are experts in their relative fields.

With this RA and Spell Combo, you receive one binding to a Gold Tier or higher entity, and a Platinum Tier spellwork.


The EUPHORIA fire amulet focuses on the following ideals, goals, or themes.

  • Creativity and Development
  • New Ideas
  • Writing
  • Composing
  • Art
  • Selling a Service (Jewelry making, readings, house-cleaning, programming,etc.)
  • Decorating
  • Leadership
  • Politics
  • Counseling
  • Memorization
  • Re-Energizing
  • DIY
  • Religious or Spiritual Expansion
  • Self-Expression



If you have a specific goal in mind, please be sure to allude to it in your order notes for the best fit!

We will divine an option or ask the companion what they think if you do not leave a comment in the order notes.

There are 5 spells that have been chosen for this RA and we want to connect you with the best one!

This Amulet (nor any service from us) should not be considered a good replacement for psychological help from a licensed professional, or a good replacement for any healthcare, legal counsel, or anything that would require professional help. Please utilize this spiritual item with care, and do not use it as a replacement for professional aide in dire situations! We seek to have our amulets and services utilized as tools that help people with their daily lives, but do not intend for them to be a replacement for sorely needed medical or psychological assistance. Especially in regards to addiction and trauma, we will always recommend getting the professional help you need first!