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Name: Drift Away

Area: Lucid Dreaming

Effect: This enchantment is to enhance your ability to lucid dream and to help you remember your dreams after sleeping. Keep the spelled item near your bedside (within 10 feet) as you sleep to help you remember your dreams. To assist with Lucid Dreaming, hold the spelled item as you go into your session. This spellwork works to connect you with your astral consciousness and aids you in having a co-conscious dreaming experience.


Note: Select 'Boutique Vessel' if your order includes a vessel from that section of our store that you would like to have your enchantment bound to. Select 'Seller Choice' if you would like us to choose a vessel for you. Select 'Remote Bind' if you would like us to enchant an item already in your possession from a distance. Shipping is the fee for remote bind service. 

If you have any specifications about your order, please make sure to email us at after you have placed your order. If you would like this spell to be remotely done to a vessel already in your possession, please make sure to email us with a photo of the vessel. You may also add this information to the notes on your order, or submit a ticket to our helpdesk for the most timely response.