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The DREAM JAR Amulet / RA is a beautiful stone pendant that is blessed to amplify your wishes and bring them into a more brilliant, immediate existence. This is a daily booster for your daily, weekly, monthly, and life-long desires. Most of us have different desires and priorities from one day to the next, so committing to an amulet that serves only one purpose is not always prudent.

This amulet has four layers of wish granting, wish securing, and vibration heightening spellwork that had worked as a draw for us in many different types of situations. These spells are universal and also protect against unwanted wishes coming true, or negative things happening on a technicality (ie. many individuals fear if they wish to lose weight, it'll happen but because they get sick, so on and so forth.) This pendant will only boost the positivity coming your way and allow you to attract more of what you innately desire. 

Simply hold the pendant in both hands every morning, or every evening before bed, programming it with wishes and desires, while feeling within you the emotion you will feel when having that desire. If it is calmness, excitement, or passion, let that feeling radiate through you. Each wish you program into the pendant will remain, gathering charges with each repetition. If you cast a wish that cancels out another wish, the new wish will void the older one. You may also 'reset' the vessel by placing it in a bowl of salt under a full moon for three days. 

The Dream Jar RA if you choose to get the basic or deluxe package will include a companion connection to one companion who will be oriented toward making your wildest dreams come true. We hope you will take the opportunity to share with us your greatest desires as well so we can find a more specialized companion. 

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