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This exotic, expensive, and rare resin is on a sale price here! Long famed for its ability to assist in connecting with the gods and the otherworld, this amazing resin smells fabulous and lasts quite awhile! Being used for everything from acute bleeding and smallpox to furniture varnish and instrument polish, this resin has been used for everything! What will you use it for?

Magickal Uses: Dragon's blood is the ultimate spell booster. The power of dragon's blood can empower your spells and craft as much as 5 additional practitioners. It is considered great for helping to induce trances and to help take people into the astral space. It is also used as a lure for money, love, and fame.

Health Uses:  In folk medicine it has been taken by mouth for many centuries to help prevent or ward off dysentery, disorders of the GI tract and bowels, and to help speed up healing and coagulation. Many

Consumability: Medium - However No Concrete Evidence Is Established - Consult a Physician if you have worries.

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.