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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Domas

Frequency: High

Type: Oberis Dragon King/Queen

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Orange, Gold, Green, Red

Age: 13,843

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Domas is a younger Oberis king but was the first of his kind to step forward. He rules a sizeable army and has a reputation as being ruthless to those who are being unfair. He is a very cognizant and reflective entity. If you have a deep question, you can often give it to him and come back a few days later to receive a really in-depth and well thought out answer. He has great intuition when it comes to humans as well, and he can tell you who is worth an emotional investment and who is not. He is a very intelligent being on matters of finances, work, goals, and finding one’s soul purpose.

Specialties: Planning, Understanding, Growth, Finances, Protection, Intuition

Physical Features: He is giant dragon, four stories tall. He looks to be carved out of tree agate with bright garnet eyes. He has claws that are large and marble-like and he seems to radiate a blue energy.

About: The Oberis Dragon King is a high monarch dragon that lives in the Hellfire Planes, a realm in Alpha that is ruled by renegades and ruthless creatures. There are few Oberis Dragon Kings left in existence, but those that are still present hold a great amount of knowledge on good and evil, on the achievement of dreams, and on the release of fears. They are great companions for someone who has an adventurous spirit or who seeks growth and evolution. They love to help people with goals and who seek to feel better, do better, and simply do good in the world around them. They seem relentless, or even evil to outsiders, but their energy is that of an old spirit who has been a spectator to needless death and destruction for eons. They are very passionate about sharing their wisdom and seeing if it can bring a benefit to the world at large. They seem skeptical in some ways, but are very hopeful beings at their hearts. They are in command, generally, of a province, which would be composed of hundreds of dragons, several different races of demon and elf, as well as various rogues of other species. These entities would be duty bound to come to your protection and to help you when your Dragon companion cannot. The Dragon King is also known to be able to unite your spirit family so that they are more effective together.

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