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Farm Witch Apothecary’s Blends are a heartfelt magickal offering that we have been working on for quite some time here at Magickal Menagerie. Each sachet comes in a bright and reusable organza bag with a small ribbon-bound scroll explaining ways to use your blend. These blends may be offered, lit as incense, or kept in pillows, sachets, and medicine bags as per your personal tradition. They are muddled and composed in the old fashioned way, down to the mortar and pestle we use, one that is about a hundred years old and has been used by our family for generations. Each offering sachet comes with a small stone amulet imbued with the powers of the blend so that the spell may live on immortally after the last of the herbal blend has been spent.

Divine Inspiration Blend

Sometimes we feel held back in many areas of our lives and we aren’t sure where we are actually being pushed or what direction fate is attempting to steer us. The divine inspiration blend will draw down those messages and the wisdom of the cosmos to help you get on the right track, be more creative, and get your life organized. Gain experience, explore your options, and connect with the inspiration you may have been needing to wrap up that final project, stay focused in school, or earn the career boost you needed to get where you want to be. The path to success may have many twists and turns, but you can utilize this lovely blend of Anise, Hawthorne Berry, Mistletoe, White Willow, and Hyssop to manifest your desires and the advice that you need to get there.

This blend comes with a small scroll explaining how to use the blend and a simple incantation to use, though you can definitely use your own!