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The Distortion Amulet is a piece of spellwork we have done for ourselves and others many times. It features a complex spellwork that works much the way a shield does, but with a few key differences that will be explained below.

What are the three layers of spellwork on the vessel?

  • Distortion Shield - This is a general shield that will consistently distort the appearance of your energetic matrix for anyone looking at it who intends to do harm, take your energy, or cast a negative entity or spell onto you. It will make it nearly impossible for someone to bind a negative and unwanted entity to you, cast aura-related hexes, or damage you vibrationally, as they will not be able to visualize or connect with your energies as they are frequently vibrationally distorted to an outsider.
  • Shift Matrix - This is another spellwork that we have used for ourselves multiple times. It connects with energy from another plane that is pure but ever shifting in vibration. These micro-shifts are applied to the micro-planes that you inhabit and visit, such as locations your higher self utilizes in pathworking, meditation, and your 'personal temple,' which you may have noticed in some of our meditations. There are some planes that are contained within the unique vibratory realm of your higher self, and they are particularly vulnerable at times to attack and invasion. This Shift Matrix alters the vibration very slightly but very frequently, causing any negative energies or energetic attackers to be unable to reach it or stay for any effective amount of time. 
  • Extension Shield - This shield is a strong, bold energetic shield that will make you quite aware of any negativity or malicious intent in your surroundings. The shield is known as an extension shield because it follows wherever your consciousness goes. Other shields usually surround your aural field, where this shield will follow your consciousness to higher realms and to anywhere you wish to travel astrally.

The Distortion Amulet is geared go give you access to a few of our personal safeguards which have been endlessly helpful to us. These shields can be empowered by moon-charging and are always at work for you as long as you are near or are wearing the small gemstone vessel.