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A balanced life is absolutely important if you are looking for true joy and order in the chaos we call life.

We often feel torn between worlds, trying to figure out what others want of us, what we truly want of ourselves, and what the universe has in store for us. Most of the time we feel held in escrow trying to figure out the right path for us -- this is where we come in.

We are well schooled in many religions, and have a basic knowledge of others to assist you in finding the right fit or blend for you. We take into account your needs, your desires, and your beliefs and help you connect with your patron or matron deities and understand the world around you, helping you find the necessary articles in your spiritual practice that have been missing for so long.

Our counseling sessions can be done via Skype, Facebook Chat, YIM, or Phone. These rates are by the hour, so purchase as needed.  Please email us at or use our helpdesk to schedule your reading and inform us of your contact information.
By purchasing this, you are confirming that you understand our consultations are not a replacement for professional medical, financial, or legal help of any kind. We stand by the effectiveness of our services, but request you evaluate the status of every situation before purchasing a reading. We care about your safety first!