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First off, no fine print needed, if you have serious medical or health issues,
make sure you consult a professional first, and know that your opinion and that of your doctor comes first!
Now onward!
If you have done the above or are just looking for that good starting point or the part of your regiment you are missing but cannot quite put your finger on, we will be able to show you something you may be missing.
With our ayurvedic knowledge, celestial type knowledge, and our knowledge of body types, yoga, and chakras, we will be able to even out and boost your body through additional spiritual practice. Our advisement will help you understand what areas of your body need more attention, and where to start your journey, or how to level it up. This advisement can be used for any person in any bodily state!
Our counseling sessions can be done via Skype, Facebook Chat, YIM, or Phone. These rates are by the hour, so purchase as needed.  Please email us at or use our helpdesk to schedule your reading and inform us of your contact information.
By purchasing this, you are confirming that you understand our consultations are not a replacement for professional medical, financial, or legal help of any kind. We stand by the effectiveness of our services, but request you evaluate the status of every situation before purchasing a reading. We care about your safety first!