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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Dinorix Tessellation. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order or message our helpdesk. 

Dinorix Tessellation:

The Dinorix Tesselation is an amazing entity that is capable of providing protection and empowerment to their keepers. They are known as the Tesselation because they are capable of creating reflections of themselves that act as servitors, and whom are able to make shields composed of many superimposed parts. These flexible shields help good energy and blessings flow in, while sucking negativity and discord out. These different servitors are capable of drawing different types of energy and ether. If you are working with deities but are having issues connecting properly and getting the right messages from them, you will find communication flows more freely with the assistance of this very diverse entity. They are very communicative, friendly, and all of their ‘pieces’ have different personalities you will come to know and love!

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