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The Deity Messages Reading is a great way to seek counsel on issues that are relative to you in any given moment. If you have a fear you want to address, want reassurance on a leap of faith, or even want to figure out who your patron and matron deities are and how to best communicate with them, this reading will help!

The Calendar App will automatically choose 30 minute increments. Choose your desired starting time from this application, and the duration you desire from the drop-down menu. We will book you for the desired amount of time.  We ask for 48 Hours Notice on Text/IM Readings, and 72 Hours Notice on Skype or Phone readings. This does not include Sundays.

A live reading is an amazing opportunity to get real-time answers to real-time questions. Booking in advance is the best way to make sure you get a time that is prompt and convenient for you! Magickal Menagerie readers utilize tarot, pendulum, oracle, intuition, scrying, and spirit companion consultation in their live readings, and will not hesitate to use a mode you trust or prefer more! 

ALL TIMES ARE IN EASTERN STANDARD TIME! Please adjust accordingly.

You will receive an email with our skype information or telephone number if you desire one of those options. Please make sure to add us on Skype ahead of time if that is the medium we are using!