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You Read Right!

We will make sigils in line with your needs and intentions, and will charge them and cast them right here. You will also have the paper sigil shipped to you with a small sachet of herbs to burn.

Complex sigils are another option below -- these are for sigils that :

-require much more power

-have different layers to the request- For example, a basic sigil would say "I want to draw a better job." A complex sigil would say "I wish to draw a better job so that I may move to the Hamptons by 2020."

-you want to work together (ie. 2 or more sigils that work together in a systematic sense, you'd order 2 Complex, 3 Complex, etc!). A sigil network would be something such as: a chakra sigil network that work together to empower each chakra; a friendship sigil network for 3 friends; any other sigils you want to work 'as a team' on the same frequency/charge! Sky is the limit!

If you are not sure which of the options you want, just send us a ticket at !

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