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Crystal Path is a special reverse adoption that connects you with two companions and two spells that are chosen based upon your personal needs and your personal path. All paths start at only $15 (market rate would be 125)! This is a HUGE discount so it will only be available for a limited time!

Paths Available:

Amethyst Path: Spiritual, Meditative, Zen path oriented toward spiritual growth and communication.

Garnet Path: Passionate, Artistic, Intense path oriented toward releasing old trauma and empowering primal aspects within yourself.

Azurite Path: Earth-Warrior, Divine, Hippie path oriented toward empowering your relationship with earth, the power you get out of working with crystals, and your natural healing intuition.

Aqua Aura Path: Curious, Powerful, Political, and Leadership path oriented toward changing the world rapidly and creating great change within subcultures and groups as well.

Jade Path: Financial, Abundant, Blessed path oriented toward business, creativity, entrepreneurship, and providence.

Lace Agate Path: Relaxation, Healing, and Recovery path oriented toward personal growth, renewal, and blessings.

Citrine Path: Confidence, Self-Actualization, and Courage path oriented toward finding one's true self, and connecting with your inner drive and purpose.

Ruby Path: A Feminine Path oriented toward connection with the divine feminine and feminine aspects within you..

Carnelian Path: A Masculine Path oriented toward connection with the divine masculine and masculine aspects within you.

Onyx Path: Dark Arts, Intense, and Powerful path oriented toward work in the demonic realms, the achievement of all things desired, and a new perspective.

Tumbled Path: This one is chosen for you by intuition if you cannot decide from those above!

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