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Spell Name: Crystal Lotus Song

Recommended Strength: Deluxe

Onset: 5 Days

Duration: 6 Months

Empowerment: Vibrational Alignment, Spiritual Connection

Effect: Crystal Lotus Song is a spell that brings you into alignment with the many different vibrations of the planes in which we exist. You will not feel as much of a lifting feeling when you travel from plane to plane, and will be able to communicate with other planes without energetic tapping. You will also feel a greater connection to the other people around you and will be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings more effectively. CLS is a spell that will encourage your spiritual body to communicate and create small ties with all others, that you may understand them more thoroughly, and will also give you a greater sense of patience, calm, and understanding in the face of drama or difficult tasks.

All spells come with a complimentary write up that includes the date of casting, the projected effects, and some brief information regarding your spellwork. This information may include messages received during your casting, or further instructions to help you along the way!!!

Remember: The duration and onset listed are in reference to the recommended casting strength. If you choose a different level of casting, the duration and onset will be subject to change. The effects however, will stay the same. 

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