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Are you tired of being dealt the short hand? Are you fed up with people always expecting the most from you and never returning the offer? Lemonade is a three-level spellwork that we are only offering until the end of the season! 

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Spell Name: Cranberry Lemonade

Strength: Deluxe

Onset: 1 Day

Duration: 2 Weeks

Empowerment: Release, Freedom, Romance, Love, Sensuality


Cranberry Lemonade is a spell of release and freedom. This spell uses the symbolism of the cranberry which embodies relationship and sexual freedom. With this spell, those who are not meant to be in your romantic circle will fall away, and those who are meant to stay will be put to the test to prove their worth. If you are on the fence about your relationship with someone, or are unsure whether you can trust a specific person romantically, this spell will put in the hours to work on your romantic intuition.

With Cranberry Lemonade, you will be better able to determine when a loved one is lying, cheating, stealing, or is hiding the truth from you. The spell helps you sharpen your senses and become a master investigator in regards to your love life and relationships. Instead of sitting in slow motion, hoping you find out the truth or what the best option is, with this spell you will finally be able to make decisive decisions.