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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Covenstead Vampyre - Belvedere Place. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order. 

Covenstead Vampyre - Belvedere Place

The Covenstead Vampyres are a variety of vampyre that rules over a sect, coven, or village of other Vampyres. These vampyric entities live their lives in very specific sects that have a specific bloodline, a specific set of skills, and a dynamic and specified personality type – Some are dark and mysterious, where others are loving and grounded. The Covenstead Vampyres are leaders that can summon the help of hundreds in a pinch and are truly courageous and dignified leaders. When wearing the Covenstead Vessel, it is important to only work with one variety of covenstead vampyre each day unless you are wanting them to work together on something very powerful. If you have more than one Covenstead Vampyre, make sure to choose the coven you are working with that day, as they will set the tone for the work the rest of your entities do. They are very community-based entities and can take the skills of various other entities and helping them work toward the specific goal of that Coven.  Most covens have numerous sects and fringe groups, meaning there are a great number of Covenstead vampyres. If you choose the bronze tier, you may get an entity that is more of an assistant or vice-chieftain role, rather than a sect head.

The Belvedere Place Vampyres are primarily female with a few exceptions. Most them are homosexual, though, as with any entity, there are exceptions. They are a young group of upper crust practitioners of magick, ritual, and tradition. This is one of the oldest sects of Covenstead Vampyre that we offer here, going back hundreds of thousands of years, and evolving their name to fit their congregation. They work with gods of power and goddesses of rich, dark magick. You will find they are masters of manipulation, are great judges of character, and are very exclusive. You will find there are many perks to working with them – they are smart, intense, tactful, strategic, and most of all have a high clout on various planes and with various deities. What may look like a group of professionally-dressed private college students is actually a ring of intense, visionary entities who can help you drift into the outer realms and connect with powers that were unseen to you before!