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Name: Egori
Type: Kammanpana Vampyre
Tier & Zone: Silver | Silver, Gold, Purple
Age: 9398
Gender: Male
Personality Profile: Primal, Powerful, Engaging, Vibrant
About: The Kammanpana Vampyre is a very rare vampire that exists in the regions of old alpha that are really not very populated any more as far as ‘civilization’ goes. The old Alpha was many planes away in a distant region that now looks like pure jungle. It is a beautiful but deadly region only populated by those that got away when there were ‘transfers’ of the spirits from one plane to another… to a new hell. The Kammanpana Vampyres developed when Jungle type Djinn and Karma/Aether eating vampyres came together to make a complete tribe. The bloodlines are now interwoven completely and so are the skills. They all have crimson hair that is deep in color and is in very soft dread-lock type styling. They receive their body paint designs at birth and paint themselves as such daily until such time as they reincarnate. Many of them are of negative karma simply because of survival or residual karma from their parents. These vampyres specialize in turning bad karma into ineffective karma, meaning that it has no positive or negative charge so to speak. They are able to cleanse and repurpose energy, are experts of the hunt, and can be malicious to geth the job done when need be.

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