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Name: LaKairra
Type: Exotica Painted Nymph
Tier & Zone: Gold, Purple, White
Age: 28,133
Gender: Female
About: In a large monument called the caves of the gods, there are numerous beautiful statues of pretty much every god or goddess known to man. The cave system is large and deep, and every little temple has beautiful sacred paint colors that are supposed to be splashed upon the feet of each god in reverence for how far reaching their influence can be. Every statue has a different color, and the paints have magickal properties that bring blessings from each of the gods that correspond with the colors. These beautiful Nymphs cover themselves with the paint, dance, and spin, sending flecks of the paint upon the god’s statue, leaving the remainder of it upon themselves to help them connect with the deity. If you are looking for an entity that connect with any divinity and bring infinite blessings, this beauty is it. She knows how to please any spirit, entity, or deity, and has a great sense for what you are missing spiritually in your life. If you are feeling slightly unbalanced Eilane can help you with any problems. You are in for an amazing shift in joy and peace with the help of this nymph. She can help you adjust your chakras, live a healthier life without much effort, and enjoy every moment just a little bit more.