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A Magickal Menagerie Aura Reading is not your typical Aura reading...

We cover the current state of your Aura, and explain in detail what that means for your life. Depending on how extensive of a reading you order, you will delve deep into understanding your current circumstances just by having the energy in your Aura described to you. 

Aura Readings cover information including:

  • Description of Aural Energies (color, location, intensity, etc.)
  • Your spirit's current level of energetic contribution to your Aura
  • Environmental contributions to your Aura
  • Bodily contributions to your Aura
  • Flow of energy between your spirit, soul (aural field), and body
  • Implications of these observations
  • Remedies for any problems as well as remarking on positive qualities of your aural field

    Readings are sent through email, so please make sure to leave a valid email when you checkout! Also, keep in mind that longer readings may take up to two weeks to complete, and require extensive divination. 

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