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This enchantment falls in the category of Spirit Keeping, Communication, and Influence. 

Choosing this spell work will add to your boutique vessel, or chosen vessel of distance binding, a boost of influence over the spirit or power of your choice. To activate the enchantment, you must only say the name of the spirit, entity, or person you wish to influence. This does not have to be a dark arts enchantment, it is at your discretion, simply giving your words and actions more authority, as well as helping you to receive guidance about how to get the results you are looking for from the other party. 

This is a minor enchantment, and the spell will grow as you work with the vessel it is associated with. 

Note: This spellwork may be added to a 'Boutique Vessel' or 'Remotely Done' to an item already in your possession. If you purchase this spellwork, and a vessel from us, it will be added to that vessel. Make sure that if you wish to add this spellwork to more than one vessel, that you purchase the spellwork in an according quantity as purchase is for one vessel only. 

If you have any specifications about your order, please make sure to email us at after you have placed your order. If you would like this spell to be remotely done to a vessel already in your possession, please make sure to email us with a photo of the vessel.