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Name: Kia Kamisa
Type: Aokigahara Flower Keeper Vampyre
Zone: White
Age: 1793
Gender: Female
About: Aokigahara Flower Keeper Vampyres have a very specific role – they understand death, and add betterment to life. If you have had a relative that left too soon, and you want to know why, or things left unsaid, this is the entity to talk to. They also are amazing at helping you keep the memory of people in the way they would want to be remembered. They are very strong spirits with a portal on their necklaces. They can take energy from that portal and give it to that spirit for a short time. This type of entity would be an amazing help for any psychic or medium. If you work with sick, elderly, or hurt people in a medical setting or otherwise, this entity will help you understand the needs of people and help them enjoy a better quality of life. They will bring angels to help heal you and others, and will help shorten the mourning process.
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