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Reading Name: Balancing Act

Reading Type: Tarot/Intuitive

About: Some say that life is a balancing act, but we see it more as a chess game. For this reading, we will take into account your current stressors, and break them down as to what needs to go, and what should stay. This reading details how to improve or remove each stressor you send us, and helps to empower you through removing energetic and mental clutter. Make sure to provide a list of your stressors for this reading. We will address the most serious to the least serious over the pages ordered.

This reading covers information regarding:

  • Identifies the Veracity of Stressors Provided
  • Decision on if the cause of the stress is important to you, or can be removed
  • Messages for releasing the strain from each stressor
  • General advice and methods for preventing the acceptance of unnecessary stress into your life
  • How to prepare to release any burdens that needs to be released
  • Outcome

              Readings are sent through email, so please make sure to leave a valid email when you checkout! Also, keep in mind that longer readings may take up to two weeks to complete, and require extensive divination. 

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