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Reading Name: Surrounding Spirits 

Reading Type: Intuitive/Channeling

Recommended Length: 4 -5 Pages; Varied

Sometimes you feel a presence around you, and you want to know what, if anything, is responsible. In our experience, there are spirits everywhere. Whether you are feeling energy from passed living beings, extra-planar entities, or spirit guides you are unaware of, we will help you to uncover these energies, and explain who is around you.

This reading covers information regarding:

  • Number of Spirits in your current surroundings
  • Explanations of how they may affect you
  • Details of how they may manifest to you, if at all
  • The reason for their presence, if any
  • What they think of you
  • Their willingness to join you as a spiritual guide
  • Advice they have for you if they are willing to share

    Readings are sent through email, so please make sure to leave a valid email when you checkout! Also, keep in mind that longer readings may take up to two weeks to complete, and require extensive divination. 

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