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This version of the Venus's Filigree spell is designed to permanently imbue the item to which it is added with it's enchantment.

Bacchal Sherry— You work a long workweek, you study all week, or you are busy taking care of others non-stop. You are kind of stuck in parental mode no matter how old you are. A lot Is expected of you, and that’s cool… but you know what’s not? Wasted-weekend syndrome. You have a hard time finding your inner party, but take a spiritual sip of the Bacchal Sherry. Drop the anxiety and find yourself able to enjoy social interaction without worrying if your cat-box needs cleaning. It’s time for YOU!

Note: This spellwork may be added to a 'Boutique Vessel' or 'Remotely Done' to an item already in your possession. If you purchase this spellwork, and a vessel from us, it will be added to that vessel. Make sure that if you wish to add this spellwork to more than one vessel, that you purchase the spellwork in an according quantity as purchase is for one vessel only. 

If you have any specifications about your order, please make sure to email us at after you have placed your order. If you would like this spell to be remotely done to a vessel already in your possession, please make sure to email us with a photo of the vessel.