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Name: Coarta
Type: Aurora Crystal Skull Golem
Zone: Purple
Age: 203
Gender: Female
About: She appears as a beautiful skeleton carved out of Aurora Borealis Crystal. She has small eyes in her sockets made of Hematite and Rose Gold. She occasionally wears silks of a lavender color, and adorns her skull with flowers.
She is a beautiful lady with a lot to offer. She has the collective chi of many different witches both male and female throughout time .Crystal skulls are known for their ability to display and offer visions, premonitions, and wisdom to the keepers. They are also very strong for bringing money, love, and all worldly and other - worldly gifts. She has a stone made of Unakite where her heart would be, suspended by glass threads. It has been blessed by angels and the Santa Muerte. This means that the person who keeps her should be religious in some sort, or at least find themselves subject to a higher power in some regard for her abilities to work. Your creed and religion, however, is not important. She will bless any keeper, but one will find that they are more likely to get BIG blessings if they do humanitarian things for others.

Note: This item is advertising a spirit bound to a vessel. You are not purchasing a crystal skull.