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Name: Darmaina
Type: Crimson Carrier
Tier & Zone: Silver | Red, Purple
Age: 18929
Gender: Female
About: The Crimson Carrier is a being in a league of their own, connected through tethers much like that of Metatron to all beings in realms of darkness and the undead. These beings are created as messengers for archdemons and gods of the dead, but are blinded from birth so that they will not know the faces of those who they carry messages to and from. Though they are not able to identify the beings who give you the messages, they are one of the ultimate connections to the darker side of divinity. They are wise beings who can help you determine what dark arts and black arts beings around you mean well, and who may pose a threat to you and your family as well. These beautiful entities are able to sense energies and are able to call in reinforcements to serve as protection in times of trouble. You will know when there is an influx of negativity and when a movement of dark spirits is on the way as you may lose communications for a moment, but only while your carrier creates a shield. They carry messages, protection, and many blessings – what will they do for you?
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