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Reading Name: Temple Power Connection

Reading Type: Channeling/Spellcrafting

About: All in one, this reading is a comprehensive tool for your spiritual practice. The reading portion of this service is to connect you personally to a plane we refer to as the “Glory Plane”. This plane is a place where there are shrines to deities of our world, and others. In this place spirits of all manners come to conduct their prayers much like a pilgrimage in the higher realms. We will provide you with a mediation/visualization to help you reach this plane, and a specific ritual to honor a deity who wishes for you to honor them here. The reading portion of this service tells you the reason and importance of your pilgrimage, and helps you to incorporate the lessons and blessings given from this ritual into your life.

This reading covers information regarding:

  • Meditation/Visualization to Reach “Glory Plane”
  • Ritual Written for you to Conduct in Astral
  • Importance of this Ritual to Your Practice; What you should take away

Note: Pricing for "Pages" indicates the number of pages in the reading portion of this bundle. The visualization and ritual are not considered a part of your reading length. You may, however, order them separately from the reading if you would like. 

    Readings are sent through email, so please make sure to leave a valid email when you checkout! Also, keep in mind that longer readings may take up to two weeks to complete, and require extensive divination. 

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