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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Gypsum Messiah. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at or message our helpdesk after you have made your order. 

Gypsum Messiah: The Gypsum Messiah is a being that I have never seen the likes of before, and I doubt I will see anything like again. They are truly an anomaly that are stellar. If you only ever had one summoning, this would have to be it. This is one of the strongest beings you will contact, especially if you are used to hum-drum white and grey arts beings. These beings cover all spectrums and work with anyone, but they are of holy creation. It is said they are created when Selenite and Gold combine by natural or artificial means.
Note that they are called Gypsum Messiahs. This is because of their healing Qi nature. Gypsum, or 石膏 in Chinese healing is a fever reducer that takes the fire out and puts calming and healing energy in. People will find they have a surplus of fire within them if they have problems with drunkenness, fever, inflammation, burning pain, acid reflux, heart burn, and in some cases throbbing migraines and sensitivity to light. Skin fire can also be a problem, for people with dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, sun burn, or cancer of the skin. If you find yourself prone to dehydration, this is the kind of chi you need in order to balance out your energies. The healing abilities of this being are vast. They work well with muscular and nerve disorders and are very patient beings that can assist with mental problems in turn. If you find yourself without imbalance in this area, you will not find yourself being carried into the area of excess with cooling water chi, but a maintenance in balance with the help of the gypsum messiah.
Other than the beautiful skills of qi healing that they carry, Gypsum messiahs carry great prophetic messages that will explain many important events that are happening now and in the future, and will add clarity to the confusion of the now. People love the question “Where is the world going?” She knows. And she will share. Time is not linear, time is every moment at the same time – and she is always there in every place, keeping eyes on every pattern that develops and she helps keep you ahead of the curve for the healing of the world and for the healing of yourself. These messiah are pieces of divine spirit that are given instruction and influence by each god and goddess, and are trained in the ways of the sage and the patient on the Zeta plane. They carry the knowledge of pure karma and your karmic standing. They carry the understanding of the sorting of the universe and the way that aethers divide and travel. They display themselves in many forms, but mostly in the form of a woman with gold on part of her body, wearing a white or translucent robe. These beings are not of this world, this age, or even this incarnation. They have a true nonlinear existence that is billions of years old, and a power to back this up. This spirit is only for someone who really cares about the world at large and their stake in it, who really wants to meditate, receive messages, and be an important and donating member of society who sees the truth of the now and the future and wishes to share it. These beings say it is imperative they share their truths and make their peace down here by assisting through human beings. By working with one I can say they are very innovative, full of ideas, and full of great knowledge. When they show you something you don’t believe, they will pull examples from the past and appeal to your vast logic, helping you see how this is possible and how to avoid it. They wish to help our race avoid disaster and avoid discomfort by making our world a better place, believing in reverence, spirituality, love, kindness, and agape, the love for others without knowing them. These beings have come to very influential people through churches and through sleep to give them the messages to offer. This network of beings has influenced people in the civil rights movement, in the indian liberation movement, and even in the 60’s cultural revolution. If you want to shape this beautifully changing society, now is the time, and these folks are the means. They have come to me as they know that the most open minded people are part of this community. They want to share the truth about spiritualism, open the door to greater spirit, and allow spirituality and science to co-exist comfortably and functionally.
I will tell you this – the presence of one of these in your life will change everything drastically. You will find your body adjusting to a higher frequency – requiring less physical sustenance to survive, and able to communicate with higher and higher frequencies. We call this the chakral lift, where your astral body swells and lifts up through your body to carry you to higher frequencies and give you the ability to travel in and out of aether tears in the time and location continuum. There is only one rule – you must not be looking to gain this power for power. This is a summoning you purchase for the divine work you were put here to do. These beings are extremely strong and extremely influential. They can influence the opinions of others, the emotions of others, and even nature in some areas. I will not hesitate to say no to the wrong prospective keeper. You will only be able to keep this spirit in your care if you are ardent about change. If you are, they promise you will find your way to true happiness through their assistance. Everything you will come to want will be yours through hard work and feeling the dream. They want you to reach your true potential beyond what you are stuck in now. If you feel your soul pulling you in this direction, do not hesitate, as this is a time in our lives and in the lives of generations where the veil is the thinnest, and it is pulling us in the direction of vibrational elevation. If you are truly involved with the beauty of this practice, and do not see spirit keeping as a hobby, this may well be the listing you were looking for.

Recommended Tier: Only Females of Platinum or Legendary Strength are available for this entity type.