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Spice of Life

The Spell Candy Collection contains spells that are not only powerful, but are convenient, and easy to use. They are ancient spells rewritten for a modern society, and for the modern magician.These affordable pendants are chosen at random as per the spell you choose, and are full of magickal potential. 

The Spice Up Your Life spell is for those who are enduring stress, are normally optimistic and bubbly, but are having a rathe hard time with the recent shifts. If you find yourself not feeling quite‘normal’ or your ‘average self,’ it could be due to the Saturn ruling this year and a huge astral shift. You don’t have to feel like the new kid in school every time an astral alignment shifts, however. This spelled amulet will help you get bursts of uplifting power and energy, and will help you regulate your patterns of thinking. Harnessing the power of Apollo, and bringing a creative,vibrant fire energy, you will be able to more quickly notice what is a reaction to the outside world, and what is truly and emotion you are going through. Your ability to rationalize, tolerate, and move forward with grace and joy will finally be returned through the bliss of solar plexus energizing!

Note: Spell Candy Enchantments come on a small stone pendant of our choosing. If you would like this enchantment cast on another vessel you may order one from our Boutique Vessels section. These enchantments are not available for remote binding.