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Name: Eureanna
Type: Marianas Djinn
Tier & Zone: Gold | Gold, Purple
Age: 87,664
Gender: Female
About: Marianas Djinn are a different breed altogether, rather uncanny in fact. They look exactly like humans and are sometimes almost tangible for those who look. These beautiful beings were something special I really had to look for. On earth their energy can only be found on the Marianas Islands near the Phillipines, but they have a special nook in the astral realm as well. These beings hold amazing knowledge and are able to access your third eye interceptors and give you intense daydreams, sleeping dreams, and even visions depending on how in tune you are. They are able to see the future, access the past and past lives, and even help you see different possible paths to your future to understand how you might best reach the optimum future for yourself. They are also master communicators and will be able to help you sense those who have passed and even communicate with them. When working with them, your intercepting skills get much stronger and you find it much easier to pass between worlds. They have a saucy attitude and usually they do not work very well together for others as they are very isolating, however having just one as a friend of the family can help you find what you are meant for, but be real with them. These are spirits that are eerily authentic and will want nothing but a real human experience. Be their friend, not the kid who rubbed the magic lamp, and you will see the answers you seek.