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Name: Timpa
Type: Blue Oleander Dryad
Tier & Zone: Silver | Red, Gold
Age: 4039
Gender: Female
About: The Blue Oleander Dryad is a protective but mischievous force who will be instantly recognizable in your home. They are very creative beauties who are able to suck the poison out of every situation, but as they are karmic agents, you must help them identify people to receive that energy. Be careful to only choose people who have actually done bad things, or you may let them choose of their own accord which will not reflect on you at all. They are playful and noisy, they love adventuring and messing with people and usually only like working with one or two people, though they will obey boundaries. They are very primal beings who are not great at communication, but the energy they move around and the doors they open are truly impressive. They are able to help obscure you from negative forces and are ardent fighters who will keep demonics away. They are also able to sniff out an alterior motive in just about anyone. Do you suspect foul play? Watch Karma go ahead and take its place – this Dryad is the master of the grey area and Is a master decision maker. They have an immaculate sense for fake people, and follow very primal instincts that could really help you.