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At Magickal Menagerie, we believe that every person has a team of spirit guides or "guardian angels" that entered this life with them, and have been present with them in past lives. The "Menagerie Reading" is a specialty of ours in which we help you to connect with those spirits, and gain assistance from them. This is a great reading to get if you are thinking of starting spirit keeping, and want to first work on connecting with some spirits of your own before you purchase any from us or any metaphysical sellers. You never know what you might find in your Menagerie!!!

Menagerie readings fill the purchased amount of pages and include information regarding:

  • Total number of spirits connected with you currently that have been connected to you in past lives
  • Overview of spirits that have been with you in your past lives, including their names, strength and type of manifestation (Tier/Zone), type, age, gender, and description
  • Their impact on your spirit and their relationship with you
  • Information on how to connect with each
  • Spirit information is completed for each spirit completely up to the number of purchased pages
  • Spirit information is given with the most influential and currently present spirit descriptions being listed first, until your pages are filled

    Readings are sent through email, so please make sure to leave a valid email when you checkout! Also, keep in mind that longer readings may take up to two weeks to complete, and require extensive divination. 

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