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Name: Dierdre
Type: Shimmering Cobalt Pixie
Zone: Gold
Age: 331
Gender: Female
About: Cobalt Pixies are geniuses in every sense of the word. They are so inspired that people often would beg to keep them around as much as possible. They are beautiful shimmering silhouettes surrounded by neon blue light. Every time the light is brighter a big idea is brimming. You can ask them to tell you, show you, or to give it to you in a dream. Each message may have a different form of delivery, so keep your eyes open. CPs are good at giving you money making ideas or helping you have terrific breakthroughs in investigations or when trying to figure out what the true story is in a situation. They are brilliant and non-judgemental, but spend a lot of time watching you to see how their blessings are used. They look into your dreams and help you decide what needs to stay in your life and what aspects need to be removed. They are extremely caring, loving, and creative, and absolutely excited about the success of others.