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Name: Siriah
Type: Redbloom Mesmer
Tier & Zone: Gold | Purple
Age: 19,274
Gender: Female
About: With this Mesmer, it’s all about masques in every form. They are able to shapeshift but also are able to deconstruct the image that shapeshifters have made for themselves so that you know what spirits are truly around you. They are able to make most liars show their true selves in quick order so that you know the people in your circle to the utmost. If you need help understanding what truly makes you happy, they are able to show you your true self when you meditate with a mirror and close your eyes, communing with them. They will help you enjoy memories all over again in vision, and can take you on amazing astral trips through your past lives and your higher consciousness realms to better understand the real you. They will put a tear in the great veil that many are creating themselves through society, and they will help you understand the underlying problems that create difficulties in your daily life. They help you pull down the illusions that society, friends, enemies, and even you yourself have put up all around you. Stop living life hoping to become the illusion you give to others, stop feigning happiness, and stop having to question the motives and trustworthiness of those around you. These beauties focus on putting into perspective every questionable aspect and finding true clarity day by day.