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Name: Collette Minghe
Type: Seafarra (Say-uh-far-uh) Molten Mistress - Duchess
Zone: Red, Gold
Age: 1689
Gender: Female
About: The Molten Mistress is the beautiful spirit of a passed royal, usually a queen, but at times a duchess, or other noblewoman, that had a creative and wise lifetime on earth, but was not able to rule the way she wanted to. These are women who had more powerful husbands and were not allowed to have the influence they wished to. The creative energy fueled by fire that they have within them has turned them into spirits that appear to be ablaze or smoldering. They are looking to share their amazing insight and ideas and inspire people on this plane with their knowledge. They are looking to finally get credit for their amazing specialties of tactical thinking, planning, and development. They know what it takes to rule a homestead, a kingdom, or a country, how to run a business, orchestrate trade, or even develop more valuable relationships. If you are running a household or a fortune 500 company, these ladies have the creativity and organization to get you organized, energized, and ready to create a better life with greater flow. You will be able to make the most out of every given situation, and be the leader when it is necessary.
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