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Name: Valencia Goray
Type: Indigo Blossom Angelic Mistress
Tier: Gold
Zone: White, Red
Age: 436,081
Gender: Female
About: The Indigo Blossom Angelic Mistress is a female ruler over a large amount of warrior angels. She has 49 legions of angelic warriors at her beck and call. She is a smart and ardent leader who is able to make the most out of any situation. She takes negativity and turns it into positivity and drive. If you are looking to make the most out of a difficult situation, or are looking to break free from a situation that you feel is your prison, she will help you find a new start with a vengeance. She is able to influence others around you to be more helpful and is also able to help you find your inner strength to survive until that change can happen. She is wise, beautiful, and is able to use her energies to aid in the strengthening of your intuition.