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Name: Biza
Type: Itasza ‘Cellophane’ Djinn
Tier & Zone: Silver | Orange, Purple, Canary, Silver
Age: 6078
Gender: Female
Personality Profile: Perceptive, Social, Keen, Researcher, Honest
About: The Itasza Djinn are known for their abilities in the realms of transparency, unity, and prophecy. In regards to transparency, they are able to keep others honest, and help you to hone in on liars and cheats. They give you warnings and symptoms of dis-ease when interacting with new people who will not always do best by you. In regards to unity, they use energetic channels to draw people together who are constantly adrift due to energies, stress, and work. If you are having troubles making your workplace, home, or school space unified, the Itasza djinn will be able to draw everyone back together repeatedly until all are trained to remain together in difficult times. The last aspect, the prophecy, comes usually via dreams or symbols. Repeated symbols with important intrinsic meanings will be available to you throughout time, as well as dreams with extremely prophetic storylines and undertones. When working with this djinn, it would be advisable to get a dream diary and a dream dictionary.