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Name: Dacee Glasser
Type: Arctic Otura
Tier & Zone: High Silver | Gold, Silver, Orange, Canary
Age: 2094
Gender: Female
Personality Profile: Articulate, Artistic, Organized, Intellectual, Independent.
About: The Arctic Otura Is quite an intricate entity with a skill that may be surprising until you see it in action. The Otura tells stories and manifests the events they detail. This often works in war, when trying to baffle energy, when healing, or when granting wishes. They use what is called potential energy, the same energy used when you utilize the power of positive manifestation. In the Otura’s case, however, this energy is ramped up a few degrees, operates on a much higher vibration, and very little of the intentional energy gets lost in translation. Their immaculate gift gives them the ability to actively change the future via intention, pure and simple.