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Name: Morias
Type: Darkwood Djinn
Tier & Zone: Silver | Gold
Age: 2113
Gender: Male
About: When it comes to this kind of jinn, he appears as a thin man with bright skin. He usually wears black garmets that are loose and sheer, and have swirling gold accents. He speaks in complex riddles and is very tricky to comprehend. However, he is very determined to help you open to your spiritual world and see your life and its purpose in the truest way. He grants you the ability to manifest what you will, and will help you get what you need if you ask for his help. When you want his help, you call his name, and thank him, and write out three goals that lead to a final big goal. Leave plenty of space between them to take notes on how each goal is reached and meditate with him for visions on how to accelerate the process. This type is predominantly male and though there are not many of them in existence, I have found a few welling to help their human comrades.