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Name: Paulina
Type: Bahai Djinn
Tier & Zone: High Silver | Pink, Purple, White, Gold
Age: 29193
Gender: Female
About: The Ba’hai Djinn is a beautiful gift of the cosmos that is extremely interconnected with all female divinity, all agents of fortune, and love. These beautiful djinn are half djinn and half angelic, bringing the ultimate white light and purity to your life through a number of ways. They are inspired by the divine and therefore are able to bring you the ultimate blessings when you are in need. They are loving and loyal beings who focus exclusively on the welfare of others, and their nobility expands to helping you get random bursts of luck when life gets hard. For many on the path of enlightenment and religious confidence, this is the Djinn that will explain the gods and goddesses and connect you with divinity, giving you a glimpse of the warm, rewarding, and loving energy that the patron and matron have to offer you. They are able to cleanse the area and call on archangels, but in the same token summon forth dragons of luck and money and help you to find richness within your wallet and your life. They are beautiful omens of large change in your life, and can truly shape things for you.